Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Curse of racing

my runs so far this year have been:

Feb 1st week: woodside 50M
April 1st: Martian marathon
May 13th: Quicksilver 50k
June 3rd: Nisene marks marathon
June 10th: Mt Diablo 50k
July15th: Tahoe 50 mile race

During March and April months I could'nt do much of running and racing as a result when I got oppurtunity to race again from may, I just got carried away with all races around, at the end of July I was not feeling good with my recovery from races, especially glutes pain, some pain in hip flexors etc.

So after 24 hour run in Aug I decided I should take a 2-3 week recovery break from running and start out gradually building up for Helen Klien 50 mile race in Nov, for which I have a time goal.

So since then I graudally built up and maintained 4 weeks of 50 miles per week. Past 6 weeks has been one of the best time of the year, with no racing but 3 to 4 focussed runs every week my body is responding well to gradual increase in mileage. I realized racing frequently doesnt allow me for a structured training, and that is the approach which works for me.

Going ahead I hope to follow this kind of routine.
with 2 more weeks of training left, I feel much prepared for HK 50 and hope to perform to my abilities.

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