Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Acclimatization for high altitude runs and climbs.

This is a very interesting topic because most of the altitude acclimatization literature addresses mountaineer's perspective, trail runners wanting to set speeds records or run high altitude trails
need more specific training routines.

This article is a place holder to log all the known workouts which has lead to effective acclimatization and eventually a successful high altitude long distance running adventure.

1. Kilian Jornet's Speed Record:
Interestingly last week Spain's Kilian Jornet set a speed record for Mt Kilimanjaro ascent and descent. He has posted a short video on his training leading upto high altitude runs.

Synopsis from his video:
VO2 max of 88-92.
Resting heart rate 34.
Max heart rate 205.
Racing heart rate 190 for 1.5 to 2 hours.
Form: heel strike on steep descents, forefoot otherwise.
Training: 3 weeks at altitude in preparation for a race.
Sessions last 3 hours for short races, 5-6 hours for ultras.
Protocol: gradually increase pace and grade up to 20 km/hr (4:50/mile) at 16-17%
uphill grade.

2. Matt Mahoney's acclimatization for leadville 100m:
Matt a prolific ultrarunner has elaboratly listed his acclimatization routine leading upto leadville 100m, which he finished within 30hrs, a tough race with aggressive cutoffs.

More articles are due, but based on above articles at the minimum a 3 week time in high altitude area is required to acclimatize to specific conditions, which should include intense workouts during the day at high altitude and rest at low altitude.

3. Chadd Kellog's speed climbs:

Following two speed climbs by prolific mountaineer Chad Kellogg is very interesting validation on the power of acclimatization.
i) After a good acclimization going up and down Denali west buttress route, Chad did a solo summit and back of Denali in 24hrs , his climb report is fascinating, this route under good conditions is done in 2 weeks by most folks.


ii) Chad attempted another solo summit climb of Mt Everest without sherpa support and O2, he made it upto to balcony before turning back. His dispatches are at:

Both these reports have been very informative and highlights the possibility of body's peak performance once it is fully well acclimatized. There is no shortcuts to acclimatization for sure, but once acclimatized human potential is immense.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

RDL 2010.. a 100 m journey awaiting

Been a while since I blogged since my last DNF at C2M that was a v interesting race, the whole organization is a ultrarunning festival, its not a race. I will go back one of the years to seek my redumption but not in 2011.

That DNF was painful mainly considering how much I spent training with time away from family put into a selfish goal seems pointless when one encounters DNF, but as always it was yet another learning experience, and made my urge to see a finish much stronger.

2010 has been a roll coaster year, with lot of unexpected life events happening, finally when it seemed like settling down I decided to attempt RDL 100. This time with my friends Diane and Mary pacing me for last 45 miles. That should be a interesting endeavor.

Can't wait to start this Race...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Crossfit Fundamentals @ Sunnyvale Crossfit

Week 1
- Squats
- Pushups
- Situps
- workout: 5 mins of 10 Squats 3 pushups 6 situps (small cindy)

- Dead lifts
- Push press
- Push jerk
- Push jerk 2
- workout: 12 9 6 of dead lift and push jerk
Week 2
- revise thursday
- Sumo deadlift high pull
- Kettlebell swing lifts
- Pullups and kipping
- workout: 12 9 6 reps of pullups and kettlebell

- Front, Back and Up in Overhead Squats
- workout: 3 sets of 9 air squats and burpees

Burgener warmup

Week 3:

missed due to TRT break
class covered warmup and Snatch routine

1. Snatch broken into different parts
2. Skip ropes
3. Dumbell snatch
Workout: 4 rounds of 30 skips, 10 dumbell snatch, 10 situps(Time 6:05)

Week 4:
workout 30 Overhead squats with dumbbells

1. Overhead Squat revise(front and back)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Coyote two moon calling

With just 6 weeks left for Coyote Two moon 100m, my training for this interesting race is in peak form. I wanted to take few moments and reflect on my training so far and plans for next 3 weeks of intense training.

Nov 2009 had been mainly a base building month, where I tried to captialize my running from Fall and did some good hill runs in Ohlone wilderness trail.

Dec 2009 I was mainly focussing on 2 long runs, i) North Face 50m which went very well and a apt training for a hilly 100m followed by ii) Dec 18th birthday run from Mission peak to Rose peak roundtrip of 40miles, fantastic run through east bay parks, great clear day. I enjoyed solitude and beautiful views from both the summits, this run went as planned except for getting lost in between. Rest of the months didnt train much but just devoured on holiday goodies.

Jan 2010, this was the month I had to nail it and take my training couple of notches, I was in two minds about proceeding with 100m coz I could'nt find time to train sufficiently in the initial part of the month, but chose to take 1 day at a time and past 2 weeks has been wonderful. @ very hilly back to back runs has shaped up very well and looking forward to 3 more weeks of intense training.

The 3 runs are going to be
i) Fremont 50k and a 16 mile run from Mission to Sunol and back.
ii) Probably a 35mile night run jan last week.
iii) a 12-14hr overnight run on Feb 13th weekend.

Apart from this with Rajeev started doing a 2hr hilly run on weekdays which is working out great.

I am really looking forward to these runs and at sametime wanting to get done with this training as I have other important things to address, the luxury of ultrarunning every week has to stop for sometime :).