Sunday, October 08, 2006

Memorable Long Run at Hellyer

Date: Oct 7th 2006
Location: Coyote creek trail, (Hellyer)

my impromptu decision of bunking Big Sur marathon, convinced me to do a long run at Hellyer, it had to be similar intensity as Big Sur marathon, since I was counting on this run to be my peak run. So decided to do a 30 mile run at Hellyer.

Carpooled with Char and Arul. Initially I thought Asha run was from Metcalf entrance instead it turned out to be start of trail (hellyer side).

Hellyer vs Big Sur trail, is a like pancake vs saw-tooth. I had to justify my run and get over the guilt of bunking a race :), so I had a urge to do a
hard long run. Coyote creek trail is a 15.5 mile trail, so decided to do out and back, with a refueling at the end of the trail.(morgan hill)

I mainly carried following:

Ultimate Direction Diablo hydration pack:
40 oz water
20 oz clip2(2 extra packets)
3 Powergels
3 sportsbeans

Based on my other training runs I had decided a 11 min pace would be very good goal, so for the first half maintained a 10:30-11 min pace till turn-around, reached turn around by 2:45hr, almost 11 min pace, and was hoping the same the other way.

After the turn, I started feeling more into running rythm, my legs and cardio were in sync and was running at 10 min pace with walk breaks comfortably, at mile 20 called Char to let him know not to wait for me, since I thought would take longer than 5:30 hours, but Char said
"10 miles hai kitna time lagega".

That triggered the thought of doing a hard 10 miler till the end, from this point I got into a zone and I started treating this long run as a race, once mind was set with a goal, I started running 9:30 pace for the rest of the run with walk breaks. I was surprized to reach mile 26 in 4:25 almost close to my PR pace of 4:17, never since SV marathon 2004, I felt so good running a long run. I was thoroughly enjoying each stride and was confident of reaching mile 31 within 5:30hr.

Last few miles close to the hellyer were shaded which made run even easier, I was pleasantly surprized to reach the end of trail in 5:18hr, and could maintain the same pace for few more miles.

Never ever did I have such a pleasant feeling of running a hard long run, probably this was closest to feeling
runner's high. I could feel my training since aug 2006 was paying off, and just hope I can maintain this during HK 50 miler.

My longest run couldnt have been any better, on our way back I told Arul I was supposed to run a marathon but did this long run today, he suggested one benefit would have been a finisher's medal, but I was thinking I got much more than that, I felt my body like a well oiled machine, all parts working in unison towards reaching the goal in a good condition.

I just hope I can do this kind of run again during HK 50 on Nov 4th!!!

What worked:
Clip2: Since 24 hour run , this drink has been a excellent source of energy for long runs, this is a must for ultra's from now on.

Sport beans: Don from Zombierunner suggested this product after my horribly tough run at Mt Diablo, at Rajeev's recommendation tried this product and it is a instant success. It is a great suppliment as a energy source and some electrolytes. (it is not a replacement for suceed though)

Walk breaks: 10:1 rocks

Total calories consumed: 1000 kcal, followed by Ensure as a recovery drink.


Anonymous said...

Man! you looked so strong at the finish...I think you did the right thing by skipping Big Sur...this 31 mile run at the pace you ran it at was your "break through" run. Now you will see a marked improvement in your will really have a reat 50 mile race come Nov...
Rajeev Char

anil said...

Thanks Char,
I hope I can maintain this conditioning for 4 more weeks, just dont want to do anything silly at this point.

-Rashmi said...

Good job Anil!. Way to go.I am sure all your diciplined training will finally pay off!

anil said...

thx rashmi. hope so.

Rajeev said...


Way to go buddy. I know you will fly in HK50.

anil said...

Thanks Rajeev, just counting every day!!