Monday, April 06, 2009

Winter fatass running

I am so badly lagging behind my blogging, decided to club couple of my running experiences of this year in a single blog. This year has been great so far, I was lucky enough to join for some of fantastic courses all around south bay. I have been running around bay area trails for 6 yrs but still LOT more to explore.

1. Los Gatos Marathon (Fatass style) On 2/8
This was organized by Adam Blum and Sean Lang a fatass style trail marathon. Some geenrous volunteers provided us water, food at mile 5,13 and 18. Course starts from Jones Trailhead in Novitiate Park in Los Gatos and runs all the way upto Mount Sombrero. I loved the other side of Mount Somberero were the course opens up and beatutiful views of Santa Cruz mountains. I was glad to spend good time Talking to Keith Dubner. Considering I had'nt run much for past few months, was in good shapre towards the end and was very happy to finish in 5:35hrs. Post run chatting was fun, catching up with Pierre(winner), Adam, Sean and Jim Magill. Thanks Adam and Sean looking fwd to 2010 run.

2. 2nd Saratoga 50k (Fatass 50k) On 2/21
Another Fatass race of the season put up by avid trailrunner Keith Blum. It mainly consisted of 3 10 mile loops, running different part of Skyline to Sea Trail and Saratoga Gap trail. Again this run I started early with Keith Dubner. The course was made very easy by Keith's meticulous directions, we missed just 1 turnaround in the first loop. Overall a beautiful run the redwoods, the section near Castle rock park was my favourite. The last loop was a rush for me as I had to head back home just in time for my guitar class, that was lil stretch, but a fun day.

clear day in santa crus mountains