Saturday, July 29, 2006

Ultra Races: Wishlist

My Ultra wishlist

Non-race Trail runs:
Grand Canyon RRR: 1 or 2 day run. (Completed May 21st 2010, 15:30hrs solo)
Run through Yosemite (Touleame meadows)
Run some sections of Yellowstone
Western states training camp (3day 70 miles)
Rockies 14er's hike/run
New Zealand Trails
UTMB Trails

American River 50M (Completed 2006)Boston Marathon
Desert races
Ohlone 50k(East bay, CA) (Completed 2006)
WS 100(Auburn,CA) June 2012Swiss Jura Marathon: 6 day staged ultra
Everest Marathon(Nepal, Save as DraftEBC hike done instead)
JFK 50 Mile (Washington county, Maryland)
MMTR 50M(Virginia)
Miwok 100k(Sausilito, CA) (Completed 2007, 2009)
Pikes Peak Marathon
Quad Dipsea(Mill valley, CA)
Quicksilver 50M(San jose, CA) (Completed 2010)
 Sqauw peak 50M (Utah)
Shadow of the giants 50k(Fish Camp, Yosemite)
San Juan 50M(Lake city, CO)
Trailwalker 100
Tour De Geants, Italy
The Coastal challenge multiday run(Costa Rica)
Pocadello 50, Idaho(June 1st sat)
White River 50M(Seatle, Washington)
Western States 100m(Completed 2012, 29:39hrs)
Way too cool 50k(Cool , CA) (completed 2006)