Friday, April 29, 2016

Year so far, 33% of year done.

Started out the year with one goal, have a really good race at Quicksilver 100k. Last year I was carwling the last 20 miles, I don't want to go through that. I have good some pretty good long runs and hill runs so far.

This was a low mileage month, more like a recovery month and towards the end did a 5 day mountaineering in the Sierra's, that left my injured with small forst bite injury so was off from running for next 3 weeks.

Started serious training from 2nd week of Feb, 1st long run really hurt, but bounced back really well during Run for Amma 50k, pleasantly surprised to run a sub 6:30 and strong finish. With another week of training block before running a really touch MUC 50M with runs of climbing and spectacular views. Run for Amma is going to be included for next year as well.  Mike Kreaden and Striders did a great job and for a great cause as well.

Month of Marin Ultra Challenge 50M, it rained for most of race and was very well protected by OR Vector jacket.  Duke had  a good run as well, Ramiro had to drop at mile 40 due to hypothermia.. Overall a very rewarding race and its going to be a included for 2017 as well. It was a good confidence booster going ahead training for Quicksilver 100k.

Last month of training and was pleased with 200+ miles of training with some 10K ft climbs during weekend. One of the weeks was no running week due to RD'ing Ruth Anderson Memorial Ultra, it was small this but went v well.

Quicksilver 100k training looks v good, 1 more week of training and ready to roll on May 14th. Apart from runs I was able to complete my 8hr of trail work for Cascades Crest 100M. I am all set with all formalities and flight bookings for Cascades, once Quicksilver 100k is done, I will turn my focus to Cascades Crest 100M.

So far I seem to balance with other important things in life, life seems much better this year so far.

Going forward I have following plans

May: Quicksilver 100k
Jul: Adventure run in Yosemite (60m)
Aug: Cascade Crest 100M