Friday, September 15, 2006

Training for 100 Miler in 2007

Advice from Matt and Shawn seems interesting and doable:

Schedule listed by Nancy shura is a consideration:

Some options for 100 milers:
WS(qualifying and lottery dependent)
RDL 100
Vermont 100 ??
Arkansas 100

For a 100 miler in june/july:

Build up as follows:

Dec: 30 + miles (3 days of running)
Jan: 30+ miles (3 days of running )
Feb: 35-40 + miles (woodside 50k, 4 days of running)
March: 40-45+ miles( pirates cove 50k, 4 days)
April: 50-55+ miles(ar 50miler, 4 days)
May: 60-65 + miles per week(miwok100k,qs 50k,ohlone 50k,WS training camp)
June: taper +race

For 100 in sep:
Peak in july/aug instead of april/may


Anonymous said...

Hi anil, its great to know that indians are running ultras out here. I am "dreaming" of doing it someday in the future. I read your 24hr race report and its great that you had fun. All the best for your future 100 miler and other races..

anil said...

Hi arbit,

Thankyou for your comments. Its great to see more indians getting involved in running, triathlons and ultra events.

Goodluck for your next event.