Saturday, January 02, 2016

2016 race plans

As the year winds down, running plans starts creeping and season of signing up for races opens up on . A mad rush to get into popular races ensues during December first 2 weeks.  One needs to be on top of their game to make sure some of the popular races in US are available. After doing all my planning and signing, my race calendar for 2016 seems to be finalizing.

I would like to do 2 mountain 100m races. Most likely 2 which has been on my list for a long time. What better year than 2016.

I have signed up for following 2 races (Bighorn 100 and Cascade Crest 100), Lottery results should be out in Feb for Cascades. As of now odd's seem about 50%. I am already IN Bighorn, that should be spectacular race to train for.

Other races in prep 100M runs:
Feb: Run for Amma 50k
Mar:  Marin 50M
Apr 2nd: Night Sweat run (Preceded by a 20m run maybe flat or 3hr run)

May : Quicksilver 100k (5/14)

Jun 2nd: Calero 50M

June:  BigHorn 100m (6/19) (DNS again!!  )

July: Take Fri/Sat Combo and do a 60M
July 11: 12hr run
     A night 6-8 hrs run

Skyline 50k(8/7th) and 20M run combo(10M on Friday).
Cascade Crest 100 (8/27)

Dec:  CIM 2016

Apart from above races We are contemplating on India trip as well,  would be fun to travel to india and maybe plan a local excursion around. Apart from this We plan to take 1 week off and do some hiking around Yellowstone National park, this will be in sync with Bighorn 100m.

Apart from running, As in 2015, I would like to be more involved in A's development, its a great age to be around such a sweet age. every day seems so exciting seeing her discover small things.