Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Adeus Beunos Aires

Last of the 3 days at Beunos Aires. From the start this trip has been sweet as planned so far. We had a long flight to BA from SFO, spent almost a 1 day with all wait time, we could have easily gone other side of the globe.

BA has resemblance of Europe, tiny small streets resembles more of Itlay, though havnt been to any city in specific but based on my knowledge from movies, pictures and report from friends.

Day1 we spent discussing various places with our local trip arranger Laura, very informative meetings, our iterinary for next 3 days seems all set. After a short rest we headed to San Telma for weekly Antique fair and Flea market. Followed by evening a quite evening in Resoleta Silverpub.. our Brushchetta order was pretty challenging so was our frequent visits by a stranger.

Day 2 was a organized city tour taking us to some neighbour hoods of BA Palemo park, Resoleta cemetery , San Telma, Caminito live street tango shows, Boca Junior Stadium.. was a good use of our time. After a short rest we headed towards Florida street and Peurto madera for some taste of BA shopping and harbour side cafes.

Day 3 was supposed to be our own designed trip to Tibre for a boat ride in Delta de Parana, instead we chose to go with a organized trip which turned out to be good decision as we got benefits of a informed guiode Thomas and met with family from Rio. Very interesting sharing expèrience with them.

Tonight we "may" goto somn dance place, not sure yet, we need to wrap up for a morning flight to Igauzo Falls.