Thursday, September 09, 2010

RDL 2010.. a 100 m journey awaiting

Been a while since I blogged since my last DNF at C2M that was a v interesting race, the whole organization is a ultrarunning festival, its not a race. I will go back one of the years to seek my redumption but not in 2011.

That DNF was painful mainly considering how much I spent training with time away from family put into a selfish goal seems pointless when one encounters DNF, but as always it was yet another learning experience, and made my urge to see a finish much stronger.

2010 has been a roll coaster year, with lot of unexpected life events happening, finally when it seemed like settling down I decided to attempt RDL 100. This time with my friends Diane and Mary pacing me for last 45 miles. That should be a interesting endeavor.

Can't wait to start this Race...