Sunday, October 15, 2006

Tapering: Time to rest and patiently wait for HK 50

Yesterday was my last long run for HK 50. Since I was in Santa barbara, I decided to do a hard 20 miler on treadmill, which is lot easier than running on asphalt, also surface is easier on the knees.

My training mainly consisted on following three phases:

Base build up(may - aug):
No structured training, but consisted of running 50k and 50 M every month, more or less about 35-40 miles per week.

Sharpening/Buildup(6 weeks):
I would consider this phase as the crux of my training for HK 50, with no racing but a consistent 50 miles per week of runs, consisting of 20-31 mile long runs. This period has been most fruitful. when I started out I could barely do a 20 miler at 10:30 pace, but end of this period I was able to do a 9 min mile (on treadmill).
I think I do see a improvement by atleast 1 min, mainly because
a) long tempo runs of of 8-9 miles
b) reduced weight
c) hard long runs.
d) avoiding racing allowed me to focus on specific training

It's not my favorite part of training but I see benefits of a good taper period, so starting today my taper for HK 50 starts. For next few days
- reduce mileage by 25% every week
- do some short intensity workouts (6-8)
- weight training
- watch diet
- cross training

Just hoping for this period to go through without injuries and weight gain.

Patiently waiting for HK 50, 19 more days to do!


Rajeev said...

Anil my friend,

You are going to kick butt in the Helen Klein 50M. There will be no one prouder than me!! You are an amazing athlete and let no one tell you otherwise.


anil said...

Thats buddy. You are going to rock as usual.

lets have a blast.