Friday, January 22, 2010

Coyote two moon calling

With just 6 weeks left for Coyote Two moon 100m, my training for this interesting race is in peak form. I wanted to take few moments and reflect on my training so far and plans for next 3 weeks of intense training.

Nov 2009 had been mainly a base building month, where I tried to captialize my running from Fall and did some good hill runs in Ohlone wilderness trail.

Dec 2009 I was mainly focussing on 2 long runs, i) North Face 50m which went very well and a apt training for a hilly 100m followed by ii) Dec 18th birthday run from Mission peak to Rose peak roundtrip of 40miles, fantastic run through east bay parks, great clear day. I enjoyed solitude and beautiful views from both the summits, this run went as planned except for getting lost in between. Rest of the months didnt train much but just devoured on holiday goodies.

Jan 2010, this was the month I had to nail it and take my training couple of notches, I was in two minds about proceeding with 100m coz I could'nt find time to train sufficiently in the initial part of the month, but chose to take 1 day at a time and past 2 weeks has been wonderful. @ very hilly back to back runs has shaped up very well and looking forward to 3 more weeks of intense training.

The 3 runs are going to be
i) Fremont 50k and a 16 mile run from Mission to Sunol and back.
ii) Probably a 35mile night run jan last week.
iii) a 12-14hr overnight run on Feb 13th weekend.

Apart from this with Rajeev started doing a 2hr hilly run on weekdays which is working out great.

I am really looking forward to these runs and at sametime wanting to get done with this training as I have other important things to address, the luxury of ultrarunning every week has to stop for sometime :).