Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Races 2018

feb 2ndWE: Los Gatos Fatass

may 12th:  QS 100k (200$) 10th finish (ultra 1) done 15:30hrs

may 26th:  WS Training run with Duke/Kevin (45M run)

jun 17th: WS 100 Fatass event, done in 34:30

jul 15th:  TRT 100 (500$) Redemption (ultra 2), done 33:50:51

aug 18th:   RDV Volunteering

oct : Firetrails 50M(maybe) (ultra 3)

nov: another 50k (ultra 4)

dec: CIM (100$) 10th finish

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

How to do Burpees

This video very well captures one of my favorite simple workouts Burpees with 4 variations
1. simple
2. easier
3. pushups
4. tuck jump

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Flashback 2017

Running wise it's been a good ride in 2017. I was mostly looking forward to running FatDog 120 in canada, apart from that I wanted to get a finish at TRT 100 10years after running that first time in 2007, which didn't happen, ended up DNF'ing that race.

This I ended up running lot of training miles with Bipul, it was lot of fun training together towards shared goals.

Set of races accomplished in 2017

Jan: Skyline to Sea 50k (FatAss, with Duke and Gang)
Feb: Los Gatos 50k (Adam and Sean's Fatass)
Mar: MUC 50m
Apr: co-RD Ruth Anderson Memorial Ultra's (With Rajeev Patel)
        Charleston Marathon (3:25 failed to BQ)
May: 9th Quicksilver 100k
Jun: Diablo 40M run
Jul: TRT 100m (DNF at 62m)
Aug: Fatdog 120m (This was hard on Rush due to her exams as well)
Dec: 9th CIM (Good race 3:38)

Strava  compiled my year in this video.

Nothing much for rest of the year, focused more on Ahana's school and her transition.

Regarding friends, Rajeev Char did yet another Ironman, Bipul had a fantastic finish at TRT 100m and BQ'ed at Charleston Marathon. Satpal Dalal  had a phenomenal run of 100ks in Apr/May finishing 4 100ks in 4 weeks. I had a fantastic Trip to Fatdog with John Brooks, Shane Bryant, Laura Pyror, Chuck Amital (his family was immense help at the race)

Things I would do differently:
1. Schedule races around Rush's breaks.
2. about 4-5 races per year across the year is a good balance.