Sunday, December 06, 2009

North Face 50m

North Face 50M,
Dec 5th 2009
Start/Finish: Marin Headlands , CA

What a day! you can't go wrong organizing a race in one of the most beautiful trail systems in the country. Marin Headlands. and North Face did a great job of selecting some of the most beautiful trails and also snarliest trails in the region.

I had chosen this run to be a good training run for C2M, it was lot more fun running with Todd and Darshan. Between enjoying course and talking to them time flew by.

fun course rolling through marin headlands

What worked:
1. Amphidpod waistpack 2020: Earlier in week had picked up this waist pack from Zombierunners. I was pretty impressed with its low profile design, the pack hardly bounces. I was little dissapointed with the size of the pouch.. hoping to carry more clothing, but I guess it is good enough for a light weight windbreaker. Overall its a good pack, if you plan to carry 2 bottles and a handled.

2. Hostel International: HI Sausilito is a perfect location and great price for a overniht stay. Shared room with Chuck and it worked great for us, we just walked to startline :) from this place.

3. Windbreaker: Firetrails 50m had given a great freebee Siere Design microlight windbreaker, it worked out perfect for early morning windly conditions and late evening finish. Its a great windbreaker but not for very rainy conditions.(It is wind resistant)

4. Hill running in past few weeks did help a lot, recovery has been great so far.

Todd, moi and Darshan overlooking Pirates Cove

Overall a perfect race, fun running the last few miles to make it to sub 13hr, small reward at end of a tough course.

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