Sunday, October 08, 2006

Big Sur Trail Marathon

Location: Big Sur, CA
Date: 10/07

Big sur trail marathon was planned as a last training run as a prep for HK 50 on Nov 4th. I had heard rave reviews of the course and beauty of Big Sur country side, so was anxiously waiting for this day.

Course description:
Course description indicated a very hilly course, so was expecting to walk a lot, but wanted to push harder than previous races. my preparation throughout September was great.

Famed Bixy bridge
(picture from

One of the attraction of running this race, was the views of Pacific coast and bixxy bridge
which had captivated me during Big Sur marathon in 2004. Course also included run through Big sur country side

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Race day morning:
Had great sleep, when I woke up in morning at 5:45am, was contended to get a sch a long sleep. while taking shower was thinking about the directions to race, were to park etc etc, suddenly I thought why am I driving 4 hrs back and forth to run a marathon, I will be back by 6pm and will loose the entire day and in the process some precious time with Rashmi who had come for 3 days from SB.

In a spur of the moment decided not to do Big Sur marathon, and my race ended there :). For sometime it felt very stupid, untill I completed my long run at Hellyer the same day.


Rashmi said...

:) good decision I must say! :) hmm maybe next year - what say ?

anil said...

guess so