Saturday, April 01, 2006

Martian marathon on april fools day 2006

Before my trip to detroit i was wondering if i will get a chance to run and incidentally came across martian marathon in april on fools day, decided to just sign-up and take it as a easy run.Race organizers tried their best to sell this race as a unique running event by places green martian creatures all along.

Tried my Ipod nano for the fist time, had good time running with the music, run was on Ann Arbor Trail pretty much out-and-back course, at mile 10 met indian looking guy named Rajesh Birani, chatted for a while and continued to run with me..(me being a social runner ) miles started to pass quickly with running buddy.. Rajesh was doing his first marathon and considering detroit has snow from jan-march, it requires lot of grit to train, inspite of that he seemed to have trained hard and was doing fine.. we finished in 5 hrs 18 mins and decided to
do some weekly runs later. Overall good organization, very nice running weather, got a good long run for Quicksilver 50 miler. will I run it again... maybe