Thursday, January 02, 2014

Make it happen: Pine to Palm 100

After days of anticipation and planning for 100M in 2014. 2014 is here and I have signed up for Pine to Palm 100, now I need to make it happen on the training front, balancing family, work and play.

This is relatively a new 100 organized by Rogue Valley Runners, Race directed by WS 100 Champion Hal Kroner. Course info from race website

A remote and rugged classic point to point course traversing the Siskiyou; Mountains Range in Southern Oregon. Starting in Williams, OR the course winds it way east to Ashland, OR on a mixture of single track trail, dirt road, with less than 4 miles of pavement. The course boasts over 20,000ft of climb and 20,000 ft of loss with 3 epic climbs to 7,000ft and fantastic views of Mt Shasta and Mt McLaughlin. 

It has  a challenging course profile consisting of mainly 3 epic climbs. Few of bay area runners have joined so far, Darshan has committed himself to this race as well, which should make it much more training for this epic race.  To say I am excited is a understatement. Looking forward to long trail runs, probably in Ohlone wilderness area and Diablo Mt, which very well mimics the course profile

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