Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Looking ahead: Races in 2014

 For the good part of this year I have been thinking of races in 2014, well mainly because I can get out of self imposed exile from 100s. I have been thinking of various mountain 100s with following  constraints
- Minimal training
- Late registration
- Hardrock qualifier

These set of factors helped me narrow down to either Cascades 100M or Pine to Palm 100M. Cascades is my favourite but I think a generous 34 hrs at P2P makes it more practical and registrations are open until late. So as things stand P2P 100 in September will be my main adventure for 2014. I am hoping few of Ultra people (Darshan, Todd, Vinod, Naresh and Rajeev) can join at P2P as well, makes it much more fun to train and soak in race ambience.

Apart from that I am chasing a lot of other goals. Arun and Dharmendra are joining me at M2B marathon in Spring.

2/1 Jed Smith 50K (sub 4:08, Ultra #46)
3/1 Razorback 100k (sub 10:30 Spartathlon qualifier, Ultra #47)
5/10 Quicksilver 100k (Ultra #48)
5/25 Mountains to Beach Marathon (BQ#3 sub 3:10)
6/21  Crissy Field 24hr  (Ultra #49 maybe)
7/27 SF Marathon (4hr Pacer)
8/2   Evolution Loop Adventure Run (w naresh maybe)
8/23 Headlands 50K (Ultra 50)
 9/15 Pine to Palm 100M
10/10 Firetrails 50M
12/04 CIM (BQ #4 sub 3:15 maybe)

For the year I have plans to volunteer at following races 

4/19 Ruth Anderson Races:           co-RD (registration is open)
5/10 Quicksilver 50k & 100k:       Volunteer
8/19 Run Des Vous 100m:             Volunteer and Chef
Spring Trail maintenance.

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