Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Jan is running strong and resolutions are firm

While I was logging my miles for the week realized it was already 2/3rd into the month and it was time to visit some of my resolutions. So far R is doing great with her commitment to workout more regularly and getting her dose of WE hike/bike. my year so far has been lot of quality miles as part of my training towards Jed Smith, so far so good..

I still need to schedule some of the classes planned for year. The book of the month is 'The Willpower Instinct". There are plenty of research articles listed, thought process in various situations are well illustrated by the author.

Activities with A are coming along good, we are spending more time on her fine motor skills and speech improvement... still some ways to go.

One of the interesting article I came across this month was a comparison of cost of Climbing Everest by Alan Arnette. Cost seems to be soaring to climb the big one and doesn't look like their is any dearth of climbers/tourists out there. It is interesting to see the number of articles which come up when we search "everest traffic jam", not sure how one can feel sense of adventure amidst that apart from just bragging rights? As Reinhold Messner had mentioned in one of interviews, every generation needs to define their own challenge and adventure and climbing everest in this form doesn't seem to be one of them.

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