Friday, January 03, 2014

Resolutions 2014

New Year brings with it new hopes to start life afresh, along with it comes new resolutions to lead a purposeful life. It's quite possible quite a few of them are forgotten by end of Jan, but that never discourages most to commit to some form of Resolutions in the first week of the year.

In 2013 myself and R had following common resolution: learn something new every quarter. It sounded reasonable with all commitments at the same time exciting opportunity to address a few of the TODO's on the list. few of the things I wanted to accomplish was

1. Race Direct a Race:     Accomplished as part of co-RD for Ruth Anderson 
                                      Ultra-marathon races.
2. Chinese cooking class:  Missed.
3. Read more:                  Accomplished About 6 books for the year.
4. More time with Ahana: Accomplished, turning down ultra-running miles did help with getting                                        more time with A. I want to continue with that going into 2014.

Apart from this I was able to accomplish 20 runs in my cherished Trail PG &E @ San Antonio Rancho park.

Time for new resolutions and continue with some good old habits for 2014.
1. Learn something new every quarter (Cooking, Blogging tips, Mountaineering Class, ??)
2. More blogging and pictures (Goal of 26 posts for the year).
3. More activities with A.
4. 24 runs @ Rancho or Ohlone Wilderness Trail.

R has set aside following two
1. Focus on getting healthier (More time biking and hiking).
2. More activities with A

Happy blogging.

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