Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Glimpse of heaven taste of hell

TRT 50 Mile Run

Most of last year I spent hoping to qualify for Western states 100M and when I finally did, I didnt get through WS 100 lottery. It isnt that dissapointing mainly because of my class schedule coincides with the races and so does our travel plans.

So after lot of enthusiatic mails from Rajeev, Chihping and Alan, I decided about TRT 100. Yep, finally taken big step today towards running/walking/crawling through a 100 mile race at beautiful place called Tahoe.

I had run 50 mile race at this course in 2006 and was totally enticed by this course, which includes breathtaking views of Lake Tahoe from 8500ft peaks. The entire course is run above 8000 ft so Altitude is definately gonna be challenge and need to do some runs to deal with that.

Overall it is going to be a big challenge coping up with training, time with family, striking a good balance with work will be very essential!

I need support from my dear wife, who will have to deal with some weekends being hogged by races and recovery and all the post race talk!!


Rush said...

WHOAAAAAAAAA. I didnt know you signed up!. Nice way to put it across, look now I can't reach for your neck! :D

All said and done, good luck on it. Sure with your diciplined training (that you always do)friends like chihping and Rajeev and other folks you'll ace it ...

Rajeev said...

Rush - You are so sweet and accepting!

Anil - you will do very well. Have no fear. You are one of the strongest runers I know and nothing as small as the TRT100 miler is going to defeat you!!

anil said...

Absolutely rush is the best.

we are out there on the course to have fun! we better do that with the right attitude cheerings everyone along!

This is going to be a big adventure!

Chihping Fu 傅治平 (超馬阿爸) said...


Trust me, you'll be fine for TRT100 not only from your courage but from the fact that you'll finish it.

When I signed up TRT100 this year, I still had the fear from running the 50 miler last year. I was in doubt if I made a right choice for my first 100 miler. I also had troubles how to get there without driving to ease my wife's concern.

At the end, I got there by Amtrak and and finished it with walking the second 50 miles in pains - I want the buckle!

It was an awesome experience that you'll never regret. I'll be in the party this year!