Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A month closer to TRT 100

Its been a low key month in terms of my training for TRT 100, but got some good long runs some of the weekends. Anticipation and excitement is building up for the races ahead. my main race for the year is Tahoe 100Miles and other races are training runs selected in a way to build sufficient base for TRT 100.

May and June will be the main part of the training. May is the month filled with training runs, all around the bay area.

Week1 : Miwok 100k
Most sought after race for me, I have been wanting to do this since the time I paced Rajeev last year. Marin county has always enticed me with miles and miles of views of Pacific Ocean and Lush green fauna of Muir woods national park, this is definitely the most rewarding race of the year.

Week 2: Quicksilver 50k
I will be doing this race 3rd time this year, again it has a great course meandering throw Almaden county park, offering great views of the Dam and Guadalupe creeks, course is through lush green flora and do get to see some fauna (snakes) on some hot days. looking forward to a well supported race, post race massage and hot burgers!

Week 3: Ohlone 50k
Running through one of hottest and most hillier parts of east bay. This is another big ultra I am looking forward too, would be very tough climbing mission peak and rose peak on 3rd consecutive ultra, but will be a new challenge for this year.

Week 4: Western States 100 training camp
A 3 day Western states training camp. ( Covering the last 50-70 miles of WS 100 course will be 4th interesting challenge for the month. I have opportunity to do the initial 30 miles as part of Western states safety patrol.

Month of of June is going to be couple of long back to back runs and some altitude training runs at Tahoe rim trail.

Hmm.. with just 4 more months ahead I need to get going and put some miles on the course!

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Chihping Fu 傅治平 (超馬阿爸) said...

Hi Anil,

Glad to know your plan in May. I went through the same last year. It was tough and full of pressure every week. Now they become a proud memory to me. Let's work through them this year!

Btw, I notice that you put "(maybe)" for the Firetrail in you race plan. Firetrail is normally in Oct. It is 10/13 this year, so perhaps you can remove the "(maybe)" or use "(must do)" in stead :-)