Friday, November 17, 2006

Mark of a champion athletes

(Rajesh after his First 50 M Run)

(Anuradha singh after her First halt Ironman)

In Past couple of weeks 2 of my friends completed Triathlons. They have been tremendous inspiration to whole range of athletes in Silicon Valley.

Whats special about it?

Rajesh Agwaral:
He started learning swimming in Winter 2003 and by Fall 2006 he completed Ironman Canada swimming 2.4 milesm 114 mi bike and a marathon in 16 hours!!. And completed his first ultra marathon 50 M as a casual long run.

Anuradha Singh:
She learnt biking in may 2006 and open water swimming around the same time and Nov 12th she swam 1.2 miles, biked 56 miles and ran 13.1 miles under 7 hours at half-Ironman, Florida. On top of that she is a mom of 2 sons. scheduling training for such distances is a incredible effort.

Hats of to their determination, they are constant source of inspiration. Ofcourse great support from their respective families ensured dedicated training.

Congrats you folks. you Rock.

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Rajeev said...

I could not agree more. You too are an inspiration to so many!