Saturday, November 11, 2006

Helen Klein 50 mile race, 2006

Helen Klein 50 mile race,
Nov 3rd, 2006
Granite Bay, CA

I was waiting for this day for quite sometime this year, mainly because of my hope of qualifying for Western States 2007 lottery. After 24 hr run on track, I decided to do HK 50 specific training so as to do it within 11 hours.

Towards the end of my training in Oct, a sub 10 hr race seemed possible. As in 2006 myself and Rajeev started the race about couple of minutes late apparently my watch (and rest) was out of sync with RD's. Anyways we were off on our 50 mile journey at 7:00am

myself and Rajeev ran very comfortably till mile 10, those miles seem to fly by quite fast, mainly talking to Barbara Elia who was pacing her friend Dale for his first 50 miler. She had completed 3 ultra's on 3 consecutive weeks (RDL 100, Tahoe triple, Firetrail 50 M).. one heck of a athelete!

By mile 13 we decided to take some walk breaks consiciously, by mile 15 I was in my own rythm so carried on, Rashmi was supposed to meet me at mile 18 but missed her by few minutes, I met Chihping who seemed to be cruising at his comfy pace, I reached turn-around at 4:27, about 35 mins faster than last year, I had mixed feeling about my time, wasnt sure if I would be able to maintain this pace, but a sub 10 goal seemed possible.

Met Padma and Rajesh at mile 28, who were fighting the cutoff's but would eventually make it comfortably. I was looking fwd to mile 31 as Rashmi and parents were waiting for me, but before 31 I had some stomach upsets, resulted in some visits to "Porta John", finally reached at 5:38 and was thrilled to see all my support crew, after a short stop, continued with my easy run walk, all seemed fine untill mile 35, when I had some stomach upsets again, by mile 37 I took another ensure, which turned out to be a mistake, by mile 40 I was too nauseating, realized that I had too much of lactose in my stomach, some long walks really did help recover.

Once I recoveted from nausea, last few miles flew by easily, Luckily met Rush and Sarita at mile 44, were I had chocolate soy milk, a amazing drink different from ensure and all trail food, that carried me towards the finish.

once the levy begins you can smell the finish line, as I was turning towards the school, 9:45 finish was certain and all my training for the past 2-3 months felt so fruitful. As I entered the school my Ipod played "Zindagi Aa Raha hoon mein" From Mashaal. Finally I saw my parents and rashmi waiting at the finish, I was the most satisfied person that day.. hadnt felt in a while!!

Couple of minutes later Rajeev completed his race within 50 miler in 9:49hr, what a performance after a marathon a week before! Thanks Rajeev for all the fun runs this year. We waited for sometime for another strong finish by Padma and Rajesh. Congrats Rajesh on your 50 M finish!!

Thanks to Norm, Helen and All volunteers who make this run such a pleasant experience, I am sure to go back for one of the races next year again, thanks folks.

(Rajeev and my family with legend Helen Klien)

Ofcourse I couldnt spend all the time in training without support from my buddy and wifey Rashmi.

(she supported all of us!!)

It was a pleasure to see my parents on the course.. I could see their eyes with a concerned look mixed with happiness of me finishing 50 Miles.

(pleasure to see parents)

This race got me entry into WS 100 2007 lottery, lets see how the lottery goes on Dec 2nd.

(Asha Alumni: Rajesh, Rajeev, Anil, Padma)

Lessons learnt:
- need to be watchful about ensure intake.


Rashmi said...

CONGRATULATIONS and CELEBRATIONS :) . I really hope you will get an entry into WS 2007. All the dedicated and diciplned effort just HAD to pay off. I spoke to some more of the runners after your finish and they too agreed that you have definetly turned into a strong runner and athelete.

After the race it didnt look like you had run a 50 miles, in comparison to last year you have definetly become a way stronger athelete. Keep it going Good luck! :)

anil said...

Thanks rush, It was a great day, never felt running such ling distance would be so smooth..

hope it wasnt my last good run :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to your exciting finish after months of hard work!

Now I am pleasant to see the families of yours and Rajeev's. What a supportive Rashimi, dedicated no less amount than the runner Anil!

Wish you both have fun. And good luck to Anil in WS100 lottery (me too :-))!


Anonymous said...

Awesome run - take it from me you & Rajeev will get into WS 2007...
Best of luck...

Anonymous said...

Good work. That's encouraging for couch potatos like myself.

Keep up the good work!

anil said...

Thanks Chihping and RajeevC.

Yep Rashmi is a great support, cant do these things without her.

I sincerely wish you get through this time, you are most deserving person for WS this year.


Rajeev said...

Way to go buddy. That was one awesome run for you!!