Monday, June 24, 2013

Some plans for 2014 100m

Its 6 months into the year and it means I am 6 months away from my self imposed exile from 100s. After WS 100 I had promised myself to stay away from training for 100s for a year, just to give myself and family more time.

Now with 2014 halfway away mind started pondering over possible 100s.. one the heals of the post I would like to do 2 100s in 2014.

1. Hardrock qualifier:
my WS 2011 might allow me to apply for 2014 HR just for lottery sakes, but I would like to    qualify for this monster of a Ultra every year. with that motivation I am attempted to do one of the 3 races
- Angles Crest (July last WE, Disney other NPs)
- Cascade Crest (Aug 2nd WE, nearby islands vancouver)
- Pine to Palm (Sep 2nd WE, drive-able Oregon with Zo)

2. Logistically easier 100:
A local 100 or a 24hr run
  - Headlands 100(4 loops of 25, Aug 1st WE)
  - Run de Vous 100 (might try for a fast 100, Aug 3rd WE)
  - RDL (Nov 2nd WE)
  - coastal trail runs 24hr

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