Friday, June 21, 2013

Races shaping up for the summer ahead

As any long run, life is full of ups and down and lot of surprizes. This year has been exceptionally unpredictable, amongst myself and rush we have DNS'ed(Did Not Start) 5 races. 4 by your's truly.

My year so far has been a series of DNS's
i) San Bruno Half Marathon: Chose to volunteer and run 10mi run but not part of the race. This is a awesome course, would love to go back and run next year.

ii) Razorback 6 hr run: I was not well, and my family was still recovering.

iii) Oakland HM: Planned as a PR race but couldn't start as my kid was ill.

iv) Quicksilver 50M: Just was too tired from job search in April and I was'nt upto racing moreover my kid was still recovering.

In-spite of this dissapointing performance so far, I managed to plan more races ahead.. hopefully will start the race

i) Skyline 50K: hopefully a sub 5:30hr race

ii) Headlands 50M: have a good strong run take some good pictures

iii) Morgan hill marathon: 4hr pacer

iv) Quad Dipsea: Sub 6hr run

Happy Trails

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