Saturday, October 01, 2011

Stevens Creek 10k

Stevens Creek 10k
Sep 25th 2011
Mountain View, CA

As part of training program for CIM 2011, I had set out few races to ascertain my conditioning for the race and decide on my goal time. Though 3:10 was my initial goal I am not sure if I am in that pace range. Stevens Creek 10k was one of the Goal races, I was hoping to do in 41-42 mins, but I had to schedule my Cataract eye surgery on Sep 14th, hence I decided to run a conservative race.

At the start met up with Soumya/kiran/padma before start of their 5k walk. I would have liked a better warmup before the race, but since I was planning to run a easy 10k on a beautiful trail.

But as the race progressed things changed, I got into the zone and started running at a good tempo, 6:45 seemed like a good pace to hold and run, had a steady good run through stevens creek trail, shoreline lake and back to stevenscreek trail, quite a pretty course and weather conditions of late 60's was perfect. I was pleasantly surprised to hold that pace until last few miles, without hurting my recovery.

During the last mile I realized I have a chance to break 43, so had a good last mile to finish the 10k in 42:40. my jog turned out to be a PR. interestingly I was surpposed to run this race as part of training in 2003, but lost my way and couldnt make it to race :). finally it took another 8 yrs to run this race :).

It was great day and perfect running condition, my hope of hitting 3:10 has been invigorated, planning to slough next 8 weeks towards CIM.

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