Saturday, October 01, 2011

A month in review (September)

my peak training for CIM was supposed to begin in September, giving me 12 weeks to the race. 1st 2 weeks I was able to log good quality miles, totaling 105 miles, but due to my Cataract surgery on Sep 14th and Cold infection during the last week, I had low mileage during last 2 weeks. I still think overall had a pretty decent month, I would have liked more lactate threshold workouts, but given the various commitments I got the best possible training. As a bonus had a good race during the last week, which is encouraging,plan is to log 350 miles in next 7 weeks of training. Hope is still on for a goal race a CIM, excitement for the race is building up.

Up next is Firetrails 50M on Oct 8th, my goal is to run a even race and possibly do a sub 11 there allowing me to apply for WS100 2012.

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