Sunday, September 06, 2009

Last day @ Rio

Already at end of your 2 weeks trip in South America, The lively continent. Past 9 days we have been travling exclusively in Brazil, starting with a breathtaking views of 275 falls at I?gasscu falls, river ride in Rio del Parana to Lively spirit of people in Copacabana, it has been a exciting journey.

After Beunos Aires we headed to Igassu falls, our guide Walter showed us through both Argentina and Bralizian sides with some additional events in small town of foz de igassu. It was very informative talking to walter, we learnt a lot about brazilian way of life.

After a 2 day stay at Igassu we headed towards beach city of Rio de Janiero. Carlos from Via capi picked us up and droped us at Orla right on Copacabana beach. We were pretty tired since our flight was delayed so we took it easy, after a small stroll we crashed at Orla.

Day 2 at Rio was a full day organized tour. After a brif chat with hotel assistant Francis decided to cut short my tour to visit a futbol match. It was between local team flamengo and santo andre, was very exciting to spirit of local fans at maracana. Attacks of flamengo were too quick fo santo andre to match, it was a one sided match.

Day 3 we decided to just relax and laze around the beach with couple of Capirinhas.. that was a great day. Soon we returned and decided to pack for our Wild life trip at Pantanal.. which turned out to be a total fiasco.. (more on that later)

Last day was mostly spent shopping for souvenoirs at popular HippĂ­ market at Ipanema and enjoying buffet at our hotel, what a feast.

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