Monday, September 21, 2009

Indian Angle: A coverage of bay area athletes

India Angle
Host: Shachi Patel

About 3 weeks back I got call from one of our friends from Asha Org Shachi Patel. I was pleasantly surprized to know about her new program titled The Indian Angle and that she wanted some of us as Guests in her Radio show titled Extreme Acheievers.

To start with I clarified that none of my outdoor pursuits are extreme per se, and I will be honored to be part of the program. Some of the fellow guests were my other running friends, Padma (Avid Ultra runner), Anush(Runner and Mountaineer) and Rajeev Char(Ironman athlete).

Apart from talking about our backgrounds, each of us had a specific topic to talk about I was mainly asked to discuss my 2008 Himalayan hikes to
i) Everest Base Camp, South side, Nepal
ii) Climb of Stok Kangri, Ladakh, India

Padma mainly spoke about how she accomplished being the First Female Indian 100 mile runner, Rajeev spoke about Ironman distances and his passion for it and Anush spoke about his love for mountains. Entire interview can be heard at: It was very nice talking to Shachi and she did a excellent job of moderating between all guests.

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