Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Anchor race for 2017

As I was writing this blog on race acting as a anchor for life, I cam across this excerpt by Ultrarunning magazine's publisher Karl Hoagland in Jan/Feb's edition.

"When selected at an ultra lottery your whole life gets a new focus – you are alive in a new way and something essential deep inside of you is turned on."

In same magazine issue Errol "Rocket" Jones has nice distinction between training and running

"Training is a discipline; running is an act. If you want to achieve your ultra goals in 2017, go out and do some training, not just some running."

This aptly captures my sentiments.

Anchor race: a race one which anchors your life, it keeps your honest in your training and life. Its a goal which nudges you when going gets tough, goal which encourages you to train hard during your weakest of times, clarifies priorities and focusses attention to what matters most.

Last year Cascades 100m worked very well as anchor race and kept me honest with my training, this year so far I have two main goals finish sub 30hrs at TRT 100 in July 10 years after I started running 100s in 2007  and finish Fatdog 120 in August, and I know Fatdog 120 will turnout to be my anchor for the year both running wise and in life in general.

I hope to make sincere efforts to train hard and get to start line in best possible shape.  Lets see how life shapes up in 2017.

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