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11 years of Quicksilver'ing

11 years with Quicksilver Running Community:

With 2016 year's edition of Quicksilver Races, I completed 10 years with Quicksilver racing community. 8 years as a runner

and 2 years as a Volunteer (2009 Dam Overlook with Striders and 2012 50M Sweep).

I thought this was a good time to recapitulate a decade's worth of craziness with the most cherished community of runners.

2005: 50k (7:05)

    This was my 2nd 50k and Rajeev had decided to make his 1st Ultra as well. This was the year when I met several of my ultra running friends Chihping, Yuki, Carol, Mylinh, Joe, Wini, Kishor and Lee Jebian. We both started running on our own and soon ended up running together the whole race. It was a blast. Rajeev has detailed report.

               with friends at 2005 finish.

 2006: 50m (12:10) 
  This year I decided to up the game and run 50m. That was a tough year, life was on roller coaster ride and getting long runs was harder. I was doing part-time PhD, commuting to Santa  Barbara every week and some months I was in Detroit providing care for my brother. needless to say I had rough time doing all things and almost everything suffered. anyways I started the race with the goal of running as long as I can. 

Rajeev had done Miwok 100k prior week so he decided to stop at 50k, I continued towards Sierra Azul, section from Mocking bird to english channel, really took a toll on me it took forever to cover this section and lost most of my buffer over cutoff, by the time I reached hicks AS(mile 36) 

Janice said " you have missed the cutoff"
I said "No, I have 2 mins"
She said " OK, get back in 2 hrs"

I continued to slough next rolling 8 mile section. I just made the cutoff by 90s at mile 44, then I was golden, finished just around Wini Jebian running strong at 60+.

With Veteran Carol, myself, Arun Simha, Rajeev

Arun Simha ran his 1st 50k race there, he had to fight to finish after a early injury in the race, but being a trooper, he got to finish.

2007: 50k (6:05)
 This year myself and Rajeev had run Miwok 100k prior week and planned to run 50k, and it so happened we both ended up running our then PRs close to 6 hrs. We had solid training block for upcoming TRT 100m.

Classic Spring Quicksilver View (PC Scott D)

 Uber blogger Scott Dunlap, Rajeev and Myself (port 2007 finish) PC Scott D)

2008: Missed
 Couldn't run the race, since I was working back in India.

2009: Volunteer
 I ran Miwok 100k prior week, hence decided to take it easy and volunteer @ Dam Overlook  with Stevens Creek Striders.

2010: 50m(10:50)
  Had a steady 50k, ended up running with Sandy Baker for quite few middle miles, it was fun chatting and cruising along. Got hot during noon, so run back English Channel was still tough, but later sections were much smoother, was happy to get a sub 11. Sandy and Darshan ran similar times as well.

Rajeev and Anu ran 50k, Anu was training for her 1st 100m @ Lean Horse she went ahead and finished strong in sub 30.

Met Rajeev around Dam Overlook in 2010, one of the spectacular points on the course.

2011: 50k (6:04)  
 This day was kind of unique, till date only day where I was running 2 separate races. My company had a team running Napa to Santa Cruz relay, they were short of 1 runner so asked me to do few legs.  I had local section to run. They were at Sat midnight. so I was supposed to run 2 legs between Millbrae and Woodside.
Enroute to finish in 2011 (PC Chihping)

Knowing that fact I took morning 50k easy, but when running with friends I ended up doing a decent 6hr 50k, leaving me with some 12hrs to recover and finish another race in the night.

A memorable day indeed. This was the year Ahana was due in few weeks as well (May 29th)

2012: 50M Sweep 
Yes of Western States for me, my training for WS 2012 was going very wel,l had very good training block, I couldn't run this race since my folks were traveling back to Bangalore, so I dropped them in morning and headed back to Mockingbird to sweep the 19mile section of 50M course. Had fun experience seeing friends finish in the last few hours. Pierre was the RD that year.

Also managed to do trail maintenance with Pierre and teamon New Almaden Trail.

 Sweeping 50m course in 2012

2013: DNS
 I had signed up for 50k, but was having a low spot that year and missed the run.  Instead ended up traveling with R.

2014: 100k (14:55)

 This was the year Rajeev Patel took up RD'ing Quicksilver 100k. A brand new distance, from the details it looked spectacular. Greg Lanctot, John Burton and team had stitched together a amazing course. I was awed by the course, signed up on first day. As usual I had a memorable experience, except for last 20miles. I was mainly training for Mountains to Beach Marathon, didn't get much hill running but good fast runs.

   with my 2005 singlelet buddies @ 2014 100k finish.

2015: 100k (16:22)
 This probably was one of the worst year's of my life, I was hitting another low spot in training, I was planning to just wing it up. I had done AR 50m with Ajith, but that was the only decent run.  Duke was running his 1st 100k as well (he went on to finish string in sub 16hrs) so after doing 1st 43 miles in abt 10hrs I ended up taking 6:22 for next 19 miles, this section brought me to my knees and slept on course many many times.. just barely finished in 16:22. Ran most of the initial 40 with Satpal, Jim, Chihping, they all finished much better.

I had to come back with a vengeance. so was patiently waiting for 2016 QS 100k...

2016: 100k (14:14)
Once I got into this race, I had decided to make this my 'A' race. decided on running lot of hills in March and April months and build my training around following long runs
 - Feb : Run for Amma 50k: excellent course, gentle 50k.
 - Mar: Marin 50m: good steady run and long time on feet.
 - April: night marathon and 20 odd miles prior day, great night running in marin.
 - April: Quad mission peak and 10 miles prior day
 - May: few short hillier speed workouts.

Life was kind and I was able to execute above plan v well. Except for section from Bull Run AS to Tina's Den was much slower than I hoped, but that cost me abt 15mins I think. I was content with 14:14hr finish, a 2hr 8min faster than previous year. Good training does make a difference.

I was pleased to see my friends finish their 1st 100k, (Thom, Ramiro and Cece). Satpal did double 100k in 2 weeks and getting WS qualifier as well. Franco Suriano got a good sub 15h finish after getting BQ earlier week, Jim Magill finished yet another Quicksilver and sub 16 as well. There is no limit to human endurance. Always amazed and inspired by each of them. Congratulations to all the finishers, it was a great day of racing.

Pleased to meet Chuck Wilson, 2016 100k

As a special treat Rashmi, Ahana and Zoey showed up at 2016 finish. Thanks to their support for all these years of craziness.

In 2017, Trail to baldy mountain was closed due to trail destruction so QRC did the next best thing by adding 8mile roundtrip to Kennedy Road and Back, that added 1000ft extra climb and made the race atleast tougher by 30 mins. As usual great to meet many friends during and after race, this was a cool day great conditions. Chihping captured this pic on the Kennedy trail section.

Rashmi, Ahana and Zoey got there in time for the finish this time and what a joy to see them there and enjoy some post race food. which is always the best.

Thankyou Quicksilver Running Club and all the Lead people working tons of hours through the year., I hope to continuing to be part of race as long as I can.

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TaleSpinBoy said...

Salute to your dilligent training to achieve your QS100 PR in 2016! Very nice report, loved the chronological presentation and the pics; I enjoyed reading it and I am taking away lot of inspiration - thank you, Anil.