Tuesday, December 29, 2015

CIM 2015 and quest for BQ continues

Another year, another race and the effort to qualify for Boston marathon continues... Its been 4yrs and 5 races since 2011, since I started chasing BQ for 35-39 AG and now 40-44. when I look back on my sub 3:15 in 2011 it seems it was even more magically, I didn't realize it would be hard to get back to that training and race day again. my magical run of PRs at CIM came to a halt in 2011 (from 3:58 in 2007 to 3:14 in 2011).

Since 2011 I have attempted 5 other marathons and all in 3:20 range, every year something or the other doesn't line up and I fall short of my goal to run sub 3:15.

Year  Race Time
2011: CIM  3:14:47
2012: CIM  3:25 (Thunderstorm year)
2013: Off
2014: M2B 3:26
          CIM  3:21
2015: CIM  3:22:30

Every race has its own story, this year in Sep I decided to commit to Hanson's training plan. my goal was to run 3:12 in CIM, but in Sep we travelled and when we got back I caught Flu and one of the worst illness bouts, combined with pneumonia I had a rough time recovering.

Sep 27th I had signed up myself, dad and family for Trailblazer 10k to check my training and conditioning, but I was still sick and at that time I could barely walk and finish 5k. my dad finished his first 10k and my mom her first 5k, that was a memorable one.

Following my recovery I had about 8 weeks of training, I was optimistic to slough and get back in sub 3:15 shape, but every now and then I would slip off my routine and eat junk and couldn't stay off beer/wine either and I ended up 10 lbs heavier than I needed to be for CIM. I just didn't have the resolve this year.

November last week was time for Turkey Trot 10k and that was a good gauge for what to expect at CIM and my time of 43:10 was a good indication(this was after a 14miler the previous day), I thought I was more in line with running 3:20.  Sat afternoon I started off to CIM with my folks, R and A stayed back home. had lovely time before race was feeling very relaxed. Goutham couldn't join due to his injuries.

Race morning was typical cold day with showers here and there but nothing like 2012, I was planning to stay with Jon Olsen (3:25 pacer) for most of the race and run negative splits for 2nd half. Race started off very well, it took a while to settle into a rythm with 3:25 group, there was a big gang of runners. pace seemed just fine , chatted with Jon on and off, we had a  big group of BQ seekers, we hit the HM in 1:141:45 and 2 pacers splits, Jon was planning to help us with 3:22:30 and other pacer Charles W would lead sub 3:25.
CIM Finish 20155(Sacramento City Hall)

With Jon Olsen, sub 12hr 100M runner.

Post 16 miles course gets much easier, its the moment to to hang in there, focus and hit the splits, I was feeling strong and stuck with pace group. after mile 22 I was lagging behind a tad bit but pacer was in sight, and as we entered L street about 20 blocks to run and it seems quite possible to stay under 3:23.. I was hoping to see my folks at junctions if L and 10th but they changed plans and met me at finish. I hung on to pace for last .2 and finished strong for 3:22:30, this was my 2nd best day racing, given all the things that has gone this year, I was contended with this time and performance for the season. #7th CIM in the books. This is such a fantastic race organization, would like to run atleast 10 times in the near future.

After some post race goodies, headed for good lunch with my parents. Going by my lack of resolve this year I was not planning to run CIM 2016, but after a great race I have already signed up and will commit myself to loose some weight and train hard again.

Thanks Satpal, who collected my race packet and let me skip the expo this year, he did great leading the 4:55 pace group. many Asha runners did very well as well, Coach Raman (4:19), Reshu, Ekta etc got strong finishes. Thanks to R for her support.

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