Friday, May 29, 2015

Updates for 2015 so far..

At the beginning of this year I had the usual race plans consisting of races in PAUSATF ultra circuit and with overall goal of running 2K miles this year. But as days progressed it got very busy, I was so busy in Jan/Feb due to all the piled up work and some pressing deliverables I couldnt focus on getting out to run.

Infact my longest run in 1st 2 months was 10mile run. Aprt from that ICC  CWC 2015 started mid of Feb and due to night time matches most of my weekends got consumed watching some critical matches, overall I started march witha  weak base and barelu got 1 2hr run and 1 4hr run as  preparation for AR 50M in April.

Apart from that my brother had big life event and that took a toll on the whole family it was a hard few months, and it still is, but we are trying to move on. Ajith joined me for his 1st Ultra and a 50M at Folsom. Event was as usual awesomely organized by Julie Fingar and team. Our plan was to run conservatively until mile 30 and get to shuffle mde from there. But we eneded up running lot more than planned and that took a Toll on Ajith by mile 30 he was pretty tired, but still kep his spirits up and just hung in their to finish in about 12:30, amazing accomplishment with all the things going on.

I thought that was a good training run for Quicksilver 100k, which this year seemed much more daunting, but training surely wasn't enough. I did pretty good until mile 42, and then wasn't sure what hit me my legs they were dead and energy sapped, I wasn't eating well too, took a lot of effort to cover 20miles in 6hrs, I was little disappointed to miss WS qualifier but glad to hung in there and finish in 16:22 along with last few runners.

Next year I promise myself to train harder and get sub 14hr finish there. many of my friends did very well Satpal, Duke, Jim, Dwight and Charles all finished well under 16hrs. Great running parts with them.

This was Rajeev Patel's 2nd year as RD(along with John Brooks). QRC team does put up a excellent race and I am fortunate to leave so close to race and try and get as many times as possible. This was my 7th Quicksilver finish in past 10years. (3 50k, 2 50m, 2 100k).

This finish also gets me enough points for UTMB 2016, I did 2 Quiksilver 100k and 1 Headlands 100M in past 1 yr good for 9 points required for UTMB. I am working on making some Europe trip plan around the race around Aug 2016.

What next for 2015:
Bighorn 100M was main event for this year but due to lack of training decided to drop that and focus on something local, I decided to do Santa Barbara 100M, looks like a monster course with 2 night runs for most of back of pack runners. Surely its going to take lot of effort from me. I have some good 3 weeks of training planned, hopefully I can start race in good shape.

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