Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Onto holy grail of Trail running: WSER 100

June 23rd, 2012 I will start my first WSER 100M run. Its been a long wait and finally race week is year. my progress can be tracked at ultralive.net #326.

After I started running in 2002, which began as a preparation for Eco-challenge along with my friend Kaveesh, I happened to see a documentary on Western States 100 in CBS. It interested me immensely but didn't dig further on that. After several marathons and shorter Ultra's in 2003 and 2004 I got know more history about WS100 and then enthusiasm to run this event began. I missed a opportunity to volunteer at 2005 WS due to conflicting event, but since then I managed to join this mother of all trail ultras in various capacities.

2006: Volunteered at Michigan Bluff with Rajeev and Rashmi
2007: Not selected in lottery(Qualified at Helen Klien 50M 2006)
          Safety Patrol: Squaw to Robin Flat(a nice account by Rajeev)
          Pacer for Chris Marolf(28:37 finisher): Foresthill to highway 49
2008: Cancelled (Due to fire)
2009: Volunteer at Last Chance (AS mile 43)
          Pacer for Shawn Wallich(27:02hr finisher): Foresthill to finish
2010: Not selected in lottery
          Remote spectator
2011: Remote spectator
2012: Selected in lottery (Qualified at Firetrails 50M 2011)

As a result of various volunteering opportunities over the years I am familiar with the course in entirety, but I will get to experience the grandeur of the event in one single day fully in few more days.  My training for this event has been 100% on target I can't expect anything more, thanks to Rashmi who has been extremely supportive. I had a pretty reasonable heat training over past 3 weeks and I have 3 of my best buddies helping me out along the course; Rajeev Patel, Darshan Thaker and Todd Anderson are pacing me from Foresthill to Finish.

Just few more ticks and the wait ends.. a fascinating journey begins.


Rajeev said...

You, my friend, are going to have a blast! You are in awesome shape and that is a big help in order to enjoy the journey. :-)

wifey said...

Good luck Anils!. You can do this. WE KNOW YOU CAN!. Love you!

Jeffery Rogers said...

An epic adventure awaits you. Embrace it with all your heart. Your memories will last a lifetime, and your stories will regale your friends and family for even longer.