Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Half way into WS 100 training.

This month marks halfway into my WS 100 training which began in Jan 1st week, so far its been excellent. Thanks to R who has been very supportive of my training, infact she keeps repeating the mantra "DNF nahi vens"(I don't want DNF), keeps me honest with my training.

So far my monthly training plan was 200+ miles for Jan and Feb and about 230+ for Mar, and I was able to log required training with 6 good quality long runs ranging from 25 to 35miles. Going forward I am counting on following 5 runs to take me next level and have a good WS 100 experience, without rocking my family life too much.


6hr Night Run (May 5th)

Going forward Apr might be challenging as we won't have help from my folks, lil A will be in her new daycare routine, we need to see how our new "gang of 4" turns out to be, to help in initial transition I am off for 2 weeks in April, hopefully that will be of some help to lil A and our life in general.

May last 2 weeks again will be lot of jugging, with family visiting us, I want to make sufficient travel plans and spend some quality time with them as well. Training wise will take 1 long run at time, hopefully I can log the rest of them as planned.


Rajeev Char said...

:-) Amazing dude! Juggling all those variables and still getting the needed miles in. You will do great at WS.

Anil Rao said...

Thanks Charsie babu.