Thursday, June 16, 2011

A quest for BQ

2011 being a year of low mileage training, I have decided to pep up my running with shorter running faster races. Since my consistent speed workouts with Akamai colleagues in mar 2011, I have seen significant gains in my pace, which encouraged me to try some quality runs on shorter distances.

On may 23rd I tried a Treadmill half marathon, my goal was to break 1:35 and with a consistent pace of 7:10ish miles I was able to go under that time. This was quite encouraging and motivated me to shoot for a Boston qualifier at Dec 5th CIM 2011. my BQ for 2013 is 3:10 and my goal would be to train for a 3:08, I am sure last 4 miles will easily consume any additional time I can piggy back.

Since being a new dad on May 29th 2011 I have significantly cut back on my mileage, focus is to do more with less. rely on in house workouts like core strengthening and spinning. Going forward I plan to run 3 quality runs

Tuesday: Tempo run 7-11mi
Thursday: 7-10mi Interval workouts (combination of 800,1200 and mile repeats)
Sat or Sun: A Long run 15-22 miles.

I will mainly follow 55miles, 12 week training schedule listed in Advanced Marathon Training, Along the way my intermediate check point races will be
1. Diablo marathon Sep 18th
2. Firetrails 50mile run Oct 8th
3. US half marathon Nov 6th

Since my main training won't start until Sep, I will continue to build base and spend more time with Ahana/Zoey and slowly start runs with Zoey(4legged buddy) and Ahana in baby jogger.

After several years of slow long distance running, I am motivated to train harder and shorter distances.


Rajeev Char said...

WOW! Good going Anil! You are well on your way to a 3:08:00 at CIM.

Anil Rao said...

Thx Charsie, its just a beginning, lets see how it goes.