Saturday, November 28, 2009

2009 Bday run: Mission Peak to Rose Peak(and back)

I had been contemplating on different courses for a bday run on Dec 18th. Finally narrowed down to a run from Stanford Avenue entrance to Mission Peak to Rose Peak and back. A total distance of about 37 miles and Elevation gain of about 9200ft(approx).

I got all the required information for running this course based on past few runs with Padma(thanks) and Ohlone 50k trail directions.

1. Ohlone 50k course map clearly lists trails to take From mission peak to Rose Peak and beyond.
(I won't be taking the horse heaven trail instead will take main trail to top; shorter but steeper)
2. Also Dinesh Desai's site has some info on course from Sunol to Rose Peak.

mission to rose peak(turn back from maggie's half acre AS)

I think this entire run will be about 10hours so I Plan is to start by 6am and get done with run by 4pm in day light.

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