Saturday, February 28, 2009

Teleported to Kathmandu

As I am listening to one of mesmerizing compositions of AR Rehman, Khwaja mere Khwaja from Jodaa Akbar, Iam instantly transported to my hotel in Kathmandu, Nepal.

I was just back from my Trek to from base camp, incidentally Jodaa Akbar was being relayed. This song just kept playing in my head as I was pondering over my failed attempt and how I could make it different. I so much want to go back one of the years, probably in next 3-5 yrs.

Someday. For now I am happy to be teleported through this song those beautiful mountains of Himalayas.

1 comment:

bow and arrow gal said...

Yes, there is something about music that does funny things like that. :) But as you may know by now Jodha Akber is not my favorite music ..keep blogging.