Thursday, October 04, 2007

Haile Gebrsellasie: World Record Performance

The running phenom from Ehtiopia, worlds greatest longest distance runner, has finally set his footprint in Marathoning as well. On Sep 30th 2007 he set a new World Record of 2 hrs 4 mins 26 secs at Berlin Marathon.

He has held world records at various middle to long distance events including: 2k, 5k, 10k, half marathon and 1hr runs. Since his debut in Flora London marathon 2002 where he was placed 3rd just behind previous 2 world records holders, he has been persistently seeking to set a world record in marathon.

Last Name, First Name
Time OverAll
Sex Place Country
K. KHANNOUCHI (M30) 2:05:38 1 1 USA
P. TERGAT (M32) 2:05:48 2 2 KEN
H. GEBRSELASSIE (M28) 2:06:35 3 3 ETH
(2002 London marathon results : courtesy

After his near miss of breaking WR at Berlin 2006, he continued to pursue his goal, it was interesting to see this video showing his readiness for 2007:

I am glad he has set a WR after 5 yrs of effort on it. In one of the interviews he has mentioned that a sub 2 hr marathon is in the horizon, will he able to break it! We will know soon? As of now he is relishing his success; and time to celebrate this phenomenal athlete. Indeed "Impossible is nothing"

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